Refill Instructions: Silver Shield Deodorant

Step 1

Unscrew the cap of your roll-on deodorant bottle and place it aside.

Step 2

Sit the roll-on bottle on a flat surface and hold it down with one hand. Now, take note of the seam where the translucent roller-ball assembly meets the white body of the bottle. Use your other hand to squeeze at this seam, deforming the circular shape of the seam in to slight oval (try using a cup-grip — the way you'd grip a small cup say). At this point, slowly apply leverage to pop off the roller-ball assembly — roll in toward your thumb for the best leverage.

* You may need to wipe off any moisture from the roller if you are unable to get a good grip.

Step 2a (optional, though recommended)

At this point we recommend that you wash the inside of your deodorant bottle and roller-ball assembly over warm water — rotating the ball as you do so for maximum cleaning affect. Furthermore, if you wish, the roller ball itself can be removed from it’s housing for better cleaning. You can take this extra step if you wish, but there is no harm if you choose not. You can simply pop the roller ball back into place if you do take this step. Feel free to contact us should you run into any trouble.

Refilling Silver Shield DeodorantStep 3

Pour the deodorant from the refill bottle into the roll-on deodorant bottle. Do not fill completely to the brim.

Step 4

Place the roller-ball assembly onto bottle and press down firmly.  You should feel an affirmative "snap" as the top is properly seated in to place.
Congratulations, you are now refilled!

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