New Product Release: Total Body Skin Therapy - Premium Bath Additive

Introducing Total Body Skin Therapy

Total Body Skin Therapy is an advanced, full-body skin treatment and aromatherapeutic bathing experience. Our all-natural formula provides for optimal bathing pH along with a multitude of co-factors to moisturize and nourish your skin. Utilizing smart emulsion technology to intelligently deliver botanical extracts & essential oils, vitamins, and natural sea minerals, Total Body Skin Therapy provides a skin treatment superior to some of the most prestigious, contemporary luxury spas. Great for moisturizing your skin during dry weather or a relaxing way to end a stressful day.

Why a premium bath additive like this?

The most simple reason is; soaking in a bath is an opportunity to reach nearly every square inch of skin on our body. Why not take this opportunity to deliver premium ingredients to our whole epidermis. Thus, we can reach large areas of our daily exposed skin, like our legs and arms, plus reach areas we can easily forget about, like our mid back.

Where and when will Total Body Skin Therapy be available?

TBS will become available April, 25th, 2018 via our Webshop, Etsy, Amazon and Ebay stores. You can purchase a 16 fluid ounce size (TBS16), which supplies four bath treatments; or a 4 fluid ounce size (TBS4), which provides for one treatment--great for first time customers!

Our top 5 benefits of bathing

  1. Your skin will thank you
  2. Powerful and immediate stress relief
  3. You’ll get a good night’s sleep
  4. Your muscles become limber and flexible
  5. You will look younger

Read our complete article about The Powerful Health Benefits of Taking a Bath.

Total Body Skin Therapy - Premium Bath Additive

Total Body Skin Therapy - Premium Bath Additive

Enjoy a relaxing, luxerious, skin-restorative soak

Enjoy a relaxing, luxerious, skin-restorative soak

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