Silver Tongue Oral Care

True Colloidal Silver & Essential Oils Mouthwash

Available in 4 versions, plus 5 bundles
  1. Travel Size (4 fl oz.)
  2. Standard Size (16 fl oz.)
  3. Economy Size (32 fl oz.)

Value packs of 16 oz. and 32 oz. sizes in variations of four and two bottle bundles.

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Highly Effective Oral Care

Silver Tongue Oral Care is a highly effective natural mouthwash. It is carefully crafted with premium ingredients to deliver excellent results. It also tastes great with essential oils of cinnamon, peppermint and myrrh. Plus, it does not burn like a typical mouthwash from harsh ingredients like alcohol and synthetic agents.

Key properties

  • Safe and effective as a daily rinse for optimal oral health
  • Promotes good breath
  • Normalizes microbes in the mouth
  • Made with Colloidal Silver and Essentials Oils
  • Tastes great, plus no harsh burning sensation


Think for a moment how important your mouth is ... It is connected to your throat, which leads to your stomach and lungs. It is interconnected to your ears via your Eustachian tubes, which also connects to your sinuses. Your sinuses surround your eyes and spreads through your forehead - closely sharing blood with your brain. Then, of course, there is your teeth and tongue which are directly housed in your mouth, which affect your ability to eat and speak properly. The mouth and its interconnected regions are very critical for your life.

The mouth is also a dwelling place for many different pathogens. In fact, a very wide variety of destructive pathogens have adapted very particular traits and modes of transmission based on our mouth's complex job and it's relationship to our lives. These pathogens can effect our entire head - our visual and audio senses, our "gyro" (our sense of balance), our mood and state of mind, our ability to breath easy, our ability to taste properly, etc. Keeping pathogens under control in our mouth is very important for health and happiness!

Silver Tongue Oral Care works to balance and promote optimal oral health. Silver Tongue is 100% natural and effective. We're confident you'll notice real results.

All-Natural, high quality ingredients


  • True Colloidal Nanosilver
  • Xylitol (from birch trees)
  • Grapefruit Seed Extract
  • Organic Sunflower Lecithin

Plus, essential oils of

  • Cinnamon
  • Peppermint
  • Rosemary
  • Lemon
  • Myrrh
  • Thyme
  • Clove
  • Eucalyptus
Silver Tongue Oral Care Ingredients

Silver Tongue Oral Care Ingredients

About Our Ingredients

Our Ingredients

About Our Quality Standards

Silver Botanicals' products contain high quality (food grade or better), all-natural, known-to-be safe (GRAS) ingredients. We never use synthetic ingredients. This includes GMOs, petrochemicals, or highly-processed ingredients. We formulate and manufacture our products in our manufacturing facility and never contract out our production to third-party manufacturers. We use distilled water, free of virtually any contaminants found in the typical "purified municipal water" used by most manufacturers. We do not conduct animal testing, or outsource any such tests (our products are "cruelty free").

We're more than happy to answer any specific questions. Feel free to contact us!

About Our Essential Oils

At Silver Botanicals we use pure, unadulterated, high quality, essential oils. This means that nothing has been added and nothing has been taken away. Our oils are mostly steam distilled, with a few oils that are absolutes, cold-pressed, or extracts. Our oils are organic and/or wildcrafted whenever possible. Our oils are selected with respect to their native regions of the world which impart their respective therapeutic value and potency.

Would you like to know more about essential oils?

About Our Colloidal Silver

At Silver Botanicals we use true colloidal silver. We source our colloidal silver from a premium manufacturer whose end product is a refined nanosilver concentration suspended in distilled water. Our silver particles contain, on average, around 30 atoms (~0.65 nanometers in diameter). Our products contain between 10-30 ppm of nanosilver. Both particle size and concentration (ppm) are ideal for our products' intended use.

Would you like to know more about colloidal silver?

Silver Tongue Oral Care is used by dentists and other health practitioners

The following video shows gum scrapings from two different patients under the microscope (pre-STO-irrigation and post-STO-irrigation). What you're seeing in the pre-irrigation footage is a variety of microbes thriving on food debris and gum tissue. The samples collected are from periodontal disease patients. The treatments were performed by Nunnally Freeman & Owens Dentistry, of Marble Falls, Texas.


The mouth, or oral cavity, is an ideal environment and home for a host of microorganisms. It is warm, moist, nutrient-rich, riddled with tight spaces and crevasses, and consistently bathed in a relatively neutral pH, saliva. Most or these microorganisms are beneficial and, in fact, essential for oral health. They live in a symbiotic state mutually beneficial to one another and the host. While this symbiosis is usually stable, changes in microbiota balance where populations "bad" microorganisms' get out of control can lead to maladies such as halitosis (bad breath), gingivitis or periodontal disease. So having a mouth free of microorganisms is not beneficial to oral health and should not be the goal. Maintaining the “good” oral microorganisms at normal levels is. Many of oral hygiene products on the market are focused on their activity as a strong, general antimicrobial material. They are likely to contain alcohols, synthetic terpenes, synthetic polymers, synthetic sweeteners, synthetic flavors, and a myriad of other synthetic compounds. How conducive do you think this synthetic soup is a maintaining this delicate balance of oral microorganisms? We're not very optimistic about it. Having a healthy populations of “good” oral microorganisms is one of our first lines of defense against “bad” microbes from gaining a foothold.

This complex, interacting community of microorganisms in the mouth forms biofilms on many of its surfaces. These films exhibit emergent properties resulting in many positive functions and increased resistance to antimicrobial agents and other stresses. However, two of the most significant drivers that push stable, symbiotic, oral microorganism populations out of whack are pH and nutrient status. Diet is a major factors affecting both drivers. For example, diets with high levels of sugars and carbohydrates experience more acidic pH shifts in the oral cavity. This in turn leads to a significant increase in acid-tolerating bacteria and the displacement of oral-health-associated, neutral-pH-loving bacteria.

Bottom line, oral hygiene starts with what you put in your mouth and a diet low in sugars and simple carbohydrates is very helpful. Regular brushing, flossing, irrigating (e.g. using a water pik) is also very important as it removes excess nutrients from the mouth that can disrupt the balance of microorganisms in our mouth. Also, the oral care products we choose can have a very big impact on our overall oral health.

Silver Tongue Oral Care in use

Microscopy footage courtesy of Nunnally Freeman & Owens Dentistrty, of Marble Falls, Texas

Image courtesey of Elizabeth Rayne, DDS of Austin Texas

Image courtesey of Elizabeth Rayne, DDS of Austin Texas

Silver Tongue Oral Care FAQ

Testimonials of Silver Tongue Oral Disinfectant

    Great mouth wash
    I love the taste of this mouthwash, my mouth felt clean and my breath was fresher in the morning. It does not burn my mouth at all! I do however think the price is a little much for what you get! :)
    - Amazon Customer (Amazon review)

    Good Stuff!
    I am very happy with this product and have reordered it a number of times. That says it all. It's nice to know it is vegan for anyone who has dietary restrictions.
    - Lauren Beth Vaughan (Amazon review)

    love it
    This is the best mouthwash ever...after one week of using this, i have no more swollen gums...its really really great
    - rgirl (Amazon review)

    Tried and it is not a fake!
    This stuff was fantastic. I still brush before i use this product. I mean if you eat onion or garlic, listerine will not take those smells away, but this product really eliminates any taste or smell, and it clears your tongue of white spots from my experience after some uses.

    I am not a family member or a friend, and I did read the review about these people being fake, i highly doubt it. I have tried several of their products. The silver deodorant is great, but some with sensitive skin like my wife can't use it anymore, so we make homemade stuff. The mouthwash however is wonderful. Cheers!
    - T. Wright "T.L. Pop" (Amazon review)

    Fantastic Product
    Great quality, works well, and leaves the mouth feeling clean. This is my new favorite mouthwash. Quality ingredients - you can tell when you use this.
    - q-er (Amazon review)

    Effective, tasty and worth every penny!
    I have been using this product for over a year now, and am completely sold on it. It's far more pleasant to use than any of the mainstream products, and I like supporting small businesses as well. My dentist has done diagnostics on the effectiveness and uses it for teeth and gum cleaning. It's concentrated so a little goes a long way - use it for brushing, rinsing and/or diluted in a waterpik. I met the owners at a local farmer's market and they are brilliant, educated, ethical, friendly people. I've tried all of their excellent products, and this is one of my favorites, along with the skin serum.
    - HMS "HMS" (via Amazon)

    Top notch oral hygiene product
    My primary physician had put me on a topical product containing colloidal nanosilver for a skin injury. It was so successful it inspired me to look into the health benefits of colloidal silver in general. I came across this oral mouthwash and decided to try it out. My husband fell in love with it (I like it too, but he's picky and skeptical about just about everything, so if he's pleased I'm pleased). He especially has a tender mouth, and is concerned about oral hygiene. We tended to use Listerine products, which can be very harsh, and apparently some studies show alcohol based mouth wash can increase risk of mouth cancer. This product, however, has all kinds of good stuff in it, and I brought it to my dentist to look over and he concurred. The ingredients are: distilled water, xylitol, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), essential oils (cinnamon, peppermint, rosemary, lemon, myrrh, thyme, clove, eucalyptus), xanthan gum, grapefruit seed extract, lecithin, nanosilver. The nanosilver is what caught my attention in the first place, it has antibacterial properties, but the other ingredients are very helpful as well, freshens breath without the harshness. My husband had a toothache and the first time he rinsed with this the toothache went away. It has now become part of our daily oral routine.
    - Miri (via Amazon)

    How do I love thee, let me count the WAYS!
    I started using Silver Shield deodorant about 9 months ago. Previously I used natural deodorants for 30 years, with limited success, and I have to say that the Silver Shield not only lasts all day and into the night, it also does not contain any parabens, urea, or other more toxic ingredients. The armpit is the ventilation system for the brain. Many of the lymph glands reside there. I am so grateful to find something that rolls on smoothly, smells wonderfully uplifting, and really does its job.

    I decided to branch out and try the Silver Tongue Oral Disinfectant as well and was so surprised at how pleasant the taste is, and how fresh and sparkly my mouth feels after I use it. I even brush my teeth with it and it's fantastic! I like to put a little of this product in my mouth and pull it across my teeth for awhile, similar to oil pulling. I interface closely with the public every day, and I am very satisfied with the quality and efficacy of this product. My mouth feels fresh for hours after I use it.
    Kudos to a company that really works to create products that don't harm people or the planet and which are fabulously effective.
    - Dogstar (via Amazon)

    This stuff needs to be in all stores
    This stuff is great for oral care. I noticed that i had less plaque build up and my mouth was less dry. No only if it could be cheaper i would be set. I love the hint of clove in the taste and the lack of burn.
    - DJdoze (via Amazon)

    Fantastic results!
    The Silver Tongue Oral Disenfectant has done more to reduce the inflammation and odor of gingivitis/peridontal disease than any other product I have ever used. Improvement was evident quickly, (3 weeks in my case). My gums continue to improve! The product leaves my mouth smelling clean and fresh with no chemical aftertaste. I have noticed my gums are less red and inflammed.I am very impressed at the improvement in my oral health!
    - T. Thompson (via Amazon)

    Unlike Anything I've Tried - Amazing
    This is the first mouthwash - but more accurately, full mouth care - that I've tried that does not burn when you use it, and actually, really, no kidding leaves you with perfectly fresh breath AND no morning breath the next day! I was nothing short of stunned when I tried it. The fact that it's entirely natural is an incredible bonus. There is nothing else on the market that is as good as this.
    - Michelle (via Amazon)

    This mouthwash is absolutely amazing!! I dont like other mouthwashes because of the burn...this does not have that! I love how after you can still see all the plaque this gets off your teeth after you have brushed! Its now a household favorite!!
    - Pen Name (via Amazon)

    I love this mouth wash! I use it twice a day and have great longlasting results. I used to hate how store baught mouth wash would only work for a few minutes and how it would create nasty build up on my gums. This product takes a minute to get used to the color. But I would recommend it to anyone. I LOVE IT!!
    - Nadia12 (via Amazon)

    Great mouthwash!
    Tried this and ready to order more! Use it to brush my teeth as well as a wash! My teeth feel so clean and the after taste is very pleasant and makes ones breath fresher longer!
    - Racheal Carson "Mary" (Amazon review)

    Will not use anything else.......
    This product is exceptional for effective NATURAL dental hygiene, to say the least!!! No reason to use tooth paste either. I find all I need is this mouthwash to brush with. Has a Cinnamon and Clove taste at first was unpleasant most likely due to all the oral bacteria growth. No Toxic Chemicals, Works without side effects, Naturally Fresh all day!!!
    For clarification, these other toxic conventional products actually contain harmful chemicals that NOBODY should be putting in their mouths. ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: CONTAINS: THYMOL (0.064%), EUCALYPTOL (0.092%), METHYL SALICYLATE (0.060%), MENTHOL (0.042%) INACTIVE INGREDIENTS: WATER, SORBITOL SOLUTION, ALCOHOL (21.6%), POLOXAMER 407, BENZOIC ACID, FLAVORING, SODIUM SACCHARIN, SODIUM CITRATE, CITRIC ACID, FD&C GREEN 3. Obviously the list above has very few items that can be found within nature..........
    Ingredient Breakdown
    THYMOL: Organ system toxicity in lab animals.
    POLOXAMER 407: Organ system toxicity, gastrointestinal issues: diarrhea, brain, nervous system toxicity, behavioral issues.
    FD&C GREEN 3: Cancerous tumors at site of application.
    BENZOIC ACID: Cancerous, organ system toxicity, irritation to skin, eyes, or lungs.
    SODIUM SACCHARIN: Kidney or renal system tumor formations.
    METHYL SALICYLATE: Primary eye irritant in rabbit test subject. Also found that one's central nervous system can be damaged when exposed to this additive.
    EUCALYPTOL: Brain, nervous system, and behavioral effects. Some test subjects (rats) displayed convulsions and/or seizures when given eucalyptol. Although somewhat natural, eucalyptol is toxic if ingested at high doses.
    - Nursing2012 (Amazon review)

    Beyond Awesome! What's the Value of a Great Kiss?
    I tried this mouthwash after having fabulous results with the deodorant that this company Silver Botanicals also manufactures. I am an available bachelor, so I consider oral hygiene of particular importance and simply put this is the best mouthwash on the planet! First it really works! Second, fresh pleasant taste! Third, no alcohol burn. It's awesome! I love the way it makes my mouth feel!
    - Chile Joe (Amazon review)

    Who likes mouthwash anyway? I mean the burning from the alcohol is very unpleasant. But this oral disinfectant does the job without that horrible burning sensation. My teeth feel much cleaner throughout the day. The taste is very doable and my breath feels fresher longer. I won't go back to retail mouthwashes again!!
    - clatrice13 (Amazon review)

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