Personal Care Series

Silver Shield Deodorant

All-Natural, Aluminum-Free, All-Day Effectiveness

Silver Shield Deodorant is specially formulated to provide long-lasting odor protection, naturally control moisture and support healthy underarm skin. Made from safe and effective, high quality, natural ingredients.

Silver Shield Soap Bar

True Colloidal Silver & Essential Oils Soap Bar

Silver Shield Soap is a premium, True Colloidal Silver soap bar with 100% pure essential oils. It has a luxurious lather, a delightful clean scent and it will leave you feeling fresh and moisturized.

Silver Foot Shield

Colloidal Silver & Essential Oil Foot Spray

Silver Foot Shield is a wide-spectrum and long-lasting shield against odor. It is intended to be used directly on your feet and also to be sprayed inside your footwear. Use it to deodorize and provide a cool, refreshing feeling for your feet.

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