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Herein, you'll find our most current brand information and materials. We kindly ask that you abide by the terms laid out below when using our brand imagery and copy in media & press.

- Silver Botanicals


About Silver Botanicals

Silver Botanicals is devoted to the development of safe & effective, all-natural personal care and household hygiene products. Central to our products’ formulation is the use of true-colloidal silver and pure essential oils ...

Silver Botanicals was founded by Dean DeWulf and Raymond d'Amico in 2010, with the help of family and friends. Combining talents - Dean, an organic chemist, manufacturer and formulator; Ray, an IT professional, digital artist and health enthusiast - a brainstorming and experimentation process began ...

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PR Contact

Raymond d'Amico
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Persons of interest for interview

Dean DeWulf - Founder & CEO

  • Inventor & formulator
  • Process engineer
  • Visionary

Raymond d'Amico - Co-Founder & VP

  • Technical engineer
  • Creative design
  • Visionary

Official graphics

When using the following graphics, we kinda ask that you preserve their appearance as seen below. Please do not publish these graphics in any altered way, this includes:

  • Converting to grayscale
  • Rotating the images
  • Distorting and or skewing any proportions -- this excludes overall resizing (i.e. scaling the images up or down)
  • Shifting the hue of any original color
  • Clipping, joining or deforming in any manner not explicitly approved

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Box Logo

This logo is primarily used to badge our products. You'll find it atop the frontage of our product labels. It is also used on various letter head, social media icons, etc.

Horizontal Logo

This logo is presently used as the header of our website. It is also used as our primary letter head, including sales orders, POs and invoices.

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