About Our Company

Our Company

Silver Botanicals was founded by Dean DeWulf and Raymond d'Amico in 2010, with the help of family and friends. Combining talents--Dean, an organic chemist, manufacturer and formulator; Ray, an IT professional, digital artist and health enthusiast--a brainstorming and experimentation process began. "It was our appreciation of colloidal silver and essential oils that eventually lead to the realization of Silver Botanicals' products. We began selling our products at the local farmers' markets, here in central Texas ... We quickly began to see that a real demand, beyond our initial expectation exists for natural hygiene products." This process of meeting our customers face-to-face continues to this day, which givies us insight and guidance.

Our Mission

Silver Botanicals is devoted to the development of safe & effective, all-natural personal care and household hygiene products. Central to our products’ formulation is the use of true-colloidal silver and pure essential oils. True colloidal silver is a safe, non-toxic dispersion of microscopic, metallic silver particles. It is an excellent active ingredient and also displaces the need for conventional preservatives. Essential oils are some of the most ancient therapeutic materials known. Silver Botanicals employ both these ingredients, synergistically, along with other natural ingredients to produce extremely effective hygiene products. We believe everyone should take responsibility for their health decisions. Choosing natural, time-tested ingredients for our daily hygiene needs is an important step in this effort.

Our Philosophy

At Silver Botanicals, we believe that part of any positive relationship, honesty and openness is crucial. Therefore, we wanted to make available to our customers, some information about who we are in terms of our beliefs and values. Some of our key philosophies are:

Our Commitment

Your Body Deserves Better - This belief underlays everything we do at Silver Botanicals. Each of our products is designed with our ideals in mind. We design the kind of products we would like to have and use in our own lives - for our friends, our family, our pets and ourselves.

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