Silver Foot Shield

Colloidal Silver & Essential Oil Foot Spray

Available in full-size (8 fl oz.) and travel-size (2 fl oz.) bottles.

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Refreshing deodorizer and soothing skin-tonic for the feet

Silver Foot Shield is a wide-spectrum, long-lasting shield against odor. It is intended to be used directly on your feet and also to be sprayed inside your footwear. Use it to deodorize and provide a cool, refreshing feeling for your feet.

Fungus is a very destructive organism to our skin. It is more complex than bacteria and can survive many assaults that bacteria cannot. We use some of nature's best fungus and bacteria fighters in Silver Foot Shield. Pure essential oils provide one level of control, which act very quickly. While colloidal nanosilver provides a lasting shield that keeps microbes under control.

Formula is an excellent skin tonic. It rejuvenates and invigorates your hard working feet. It also puts a pep in your step with the cool sensation of peppermint.


  • Lightly massage solution into your feet and between toes.
  • Sanitize your footwear as well - spray the inside areas and let dry.
  • Use as often as desired.
  • For maximum shelf life, store in a cool, dark place.
  • Shake well before use.

Feels cool and clean,
Softens as it dries

Specially formulated to provide long-lasting odor protection, fight bacterial growth and help keep your skin healthy.

  • Long lasting odor protection
  • Deters the growth of fungus, bacteria and other microbes
  • Sanitizes footwear
  • Linen safe and non-staining
  • Petro-chemical free
  • Safe and effective
  • Made with true colloidal nanosilver
  • Made with pure essential oils
  • Animal cruelty-free

Key Ingredients

  • Colloidal silver
  • Grapefruit seed extract
  • Peppermint
  • Lavender
  • Cypress
  • Balsam Fir
  • Mountain Savory
  • Myrtle
Silver Foot Shield Ingredients

Silver Foot Shield Ingredients

About Our Ingredients

Our Ingredients

About Our Quality Standards

Silver Botanicals' products contain high quality (food grade or better), all-natural, known-to-be safe (GRAS) ingredients. We never use synthetic ingredients. This includes GMOs, petrochemicals, or highly-processed ingredients. We formulate and manufacture our products in our manufacturing facility and never contract out our production to third-party manufacturers. We use distilled water, free of virtually any contaminants found in the typical "purified municipal water" used by most manufacturers. We do not conduct animal testing, or outsource any such tests (our products are "cruelty free").

We're more than happy to answer any specific questions. Feel free to contact us!

About Our Essential Oils

At Silver Botanicals we use pure, unadulterated, high quality, essential oils. This means that nothing has been added and nothing has been taken away. Our oils are mostly steam distilled, with a few oils that are absolutes, cold-pressed, or extracts. Our oils are organic and/or wildcrafted whenever possible. Our oils are selected with respect to their native regions of the world which impart their respective therapeutic value and potency.

Would you like to know more about essential oils?

About Our Colloidal Silver

At Silver Botanicals we use true colloidal silver. We source our colloidal silver from a premium manufacturer whose end product is a refined nanosilver concentration suspended in distilled water. Our silver particles contain, on average, around 30 atoms (~0.65 nanometers in diameter). Our products contain between 10-30 ppm of nanosilver. Both particle size and concentration (ppm) are ideal for our products' intended use.

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Silver Foot Shield FAQ

Silver Foot Shield testimonials

    Not magic but definitely helps
    I spray frequently used shoes/sandals after they have been for more than a few hours. The spray seems to kill the germs that are there but looks like if you don't wear the shoes for a while the affect doesn't last. I guess that's normal because the nano particles do expire after a few days but again it certainly helps in killing and preventing bacteria from doing their worst.
    - AP (Amazon review)

    Amazing product performs as promised
    I wear Sanuk sandals all the time and have taken to frequently washing them as they get super rank. Seriously, 2 sprays in each sandal allow for a full 1-2 days of hard wearing without any odor. Product is great and works. Have to shake it well. Don't need to wash Sanuks anymore.
    - Pen Name (Amazon review)

    Happy Feet
    It's so hot in South Florida so it's nice to find a product that makes wearing shoes and sandals fun again. Read that mosquitos are attracted to smelly foot odor. Well, no more smelly feet and no more mosquito bites from my lower legs to my toes. Best part, spray shoes and sandals ahead of time so the spray dries. Footwear is heavenly once more.
    - Shelly Cohen "Weathergo_dess" (Amazon review)

    Good for barefoot shoes
    Works really well, has a good scent. I use this on my feet and in all of my shoes. I am a barefoot runner ( Merrell barefoot shoes) and this help a lot.
    - Matthew Taylor (via Amazon)

    This is a miracle in a bottle. In the past I always had to have a mani because i'm too scared for anyone to see my Natural toe nails because they were so discolored........Not any more. I have Natural pink and whites and its summer time flip flops wearing time!
    - Nursing2012 (Amazon review)

    I love it. I had a fungus issue that I couldn't get rid of after using several products. However, this product cleared it up in just 3 days! I love the scent and the way it leaves my feet feeling fresh.
    - Adam C. (Email comment)

    A number of years ago I injured my foot and something set in. My toenail had become discolored and sensitive to the touch ... I've tried most everything out there and haven't had much luck ... I started using Silver Foot Shield and I'm seeing things improve! The sensitivity has almost completely gone away and the color is returning to normal. Hopefully I've found my solution!
    - Val A. (Email comment)

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