Why colloidal silver is better than the best mouthwash

March 20th, 2012

The use of silver as an antibiotic is becoming widespread today even though its natural qualities were recognized centuries ago. Colloidal silver, which is available in liquid form, has natural antibiotic substances that are capable of fighting the most harmful bacteria, virus and fungus even in cases where other medications haven't been effective. Most dentists have found it easy to cure dental infections with colloidal silver, which is now recognized as a better mouthwash than even the best mouthwashes available today.

Colloidal silver when used as a mouthwash can not only help in relieving toothache, but also other oral problems such as gingivitis and herpes. In order to keep you mouth clean and healthy, free of harmful bacteria, toothpaste alone is not always effective. Your mouth is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria that can escape to your bloodstream quite easily increasing the risk of many serious illnesses such as heart attacks among others. Most people wrongly assume that using a mouthwash can alleviate a large part of these problems little realizing that some of the so called best mouthwashes and oral care products themselves can be the cause of many health issues.

While we are told to brush our teeth twice daily or if possible after every meal, floss at least once a day and pay a visit to the dentist every six months, we are never advised about the pros and cons of the various brands of toothpastes and mouthwashes available in the market today. It's only now that we are told to stay from toothpastes that contain fluoride but no one has taken the trouble to inform the average citizen the dangers of using certain commercial mouthwashes that are being very rapidly linked to throat and mouth cancer.

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