The Cinnamon Challenge

Have you heard of this "Cinnamon Challenge"? I recently stumbled upon some videos on Youtube and witnessed an strange ritual being performed by multitudes of typically-young individuals. In it, they attempt to swallow about a couple of teaspoons of ground cinnamon. To those without prior knowledge, one may believe it to be a simple task. However, it quickly becomes clear that cinnamon is not just some wimpy spice to be hap-hazardously sprinkled on their morning cappuccino. It is, in fact, a very powerful, botanical substance. So inevitably, these individuals begin to choke violently with cinnamon dust coming out their noses and mouths. While, it can be a bit humorous to watch these individuals perform the challenge, and make you question the intelligence of some one who knowingly attempts it, what came through to me watching the video was this: natural, botanical materials can be extremely powerful when it come to how they affect the human body. If a few teaspoons for ground cinnamon can do this, what do you think the essential oil of cinnamon can do? What about lavender or myrrh? While most essential oils will not cause you to violently choke when placed into the mouth, they do have powerful effects on the body in other, not so demonstrable ways. So remember, essential oils should be used with respect and their powerful effects on our bodies never under appreciated.


A link to some "Cinnamon Challenge" videos.

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