Lady Talk Live Interviews Silver Botanicals

Naseema Omer interviews Dean DeWulf and Ray d'Amico on Lady Talk Live. Lady Talk live is a radio show geared towards Entrepreneurship, Current Affairs & News, discussions on women's health, fitness, family, leisure, sex, family issues, and life. Lady Talk Live airs Saturdays - 11 AM Pacific / 12 PM Mountain / 1 PM Central / 2 PM Eastern on the Genesis Communications Network.

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Podcast (mp3): Lady Talk Live Interviews Silver Botanicals
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About Naseema Omer

PMP, Fitness Instructor, and Network Marketer --
Naseema has gained much knowledge and insight about the radio industry over the years from her former
husband Ted Anderson, who's the owner of the Genesis Communications Network and with the helpful
assistance from the producers of the Lady Talk Live program since its debut in August of 2013.
Naseema's genuine interest in people makes her a successful communicator, network marketer and business
owner in the heath and nutritional field. Anyone can find inspiration from one of her 'free lectures' on topics
of fitness, dance, health or nutrition- topics she is passionate about. Her strong project management and
leadeship skills along with group fitness and personal trainer experience highlight her natural abilities to
connect with and coach many, many people. She resides in Minnesota

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