The Importance of a Quality Skin Serum

- by Dean DeWulf, Chief Chemist and Formulator

The skin, the largest human organ, is a wonderfully complex and amazing structure. From its diverse ecosystem of microorganisms, to the stratified layers of the epidermis, to the plethora of glands, nerves, capillaries and muscles in the dermis, it works continuously to protect us from, and presentable to, the outside world. How to better support and nourish this system - naturally, is a major focus of ours at Silver Botanicals. By the term “naturally,” we are only interested in using materials our body has evolved to work with over time e.g. no synthetic compounds, genetically altered or derived materials. Only substances found to occur naturally in our environment and known to support skin function. We are a firm believer in the philosophy that nature has provided mankind with all the materials needed for optimal health.

Cross-section model of the epidermis and dermis

Cross-section model of the epidermis and dermis

Currently, the marquee product of our skin care series is our Botanical-C Serum. As the name suggests, it is a vitamin C serum, but we've taken it to the next level. Vitamin C serums have been of particular interest to the skin care industry. These serums sell in large volumes and their use is generally very well received due to their ability to dramatically improve the look & feel of the skin. However, most products are also packed with a long list of synthetic and artificial ingredients. A quick survey of some of the big sellers, even the ones claiming to be natural, will find they contain ingredients such carbomers, phenoxyethanol, & ethyl hexyl glycerin. Synthetic chemicals that are absorbed into our bodies and can disrupt the natural function of the skin. Another important negative impact these artificial materials may pose to the health of our skin is the disruption to the skin's microbiome. Our skin is literally teaming with bacteria. Most of which exist in a beneficial symbiotic relationship with our skin. This microbiome feeds on the materials our skin produce and the materials we put on it. Under natural conditions, different types of bacteria have evolved to live on different areas of the skin. Some are well-suited to live on our underarms while others have been found to exclusively live in our navels. While unsettling to some, this symbiotic relationship is vital to our health and is only beginning to be recognized. When we routinely apply synthetic materials to our skin over long periods of time, it often disrupt the ecology of the skin and hence the natural distribution of bacterial populations on it. These changes can occur quickly or over a longer period of time and can lead to intractable skin problems.

At Silver Botanicals, we have developed a superior all-natural Botanical-C Serum. We started with some of the most important quality ingredients required for healthy collagen growth. Collagen is critical for healthy skin internal structure. Two of the most important nutrients for this is vitamin C and an organic sulfur source. We use vitamin C, pharmaceutical grade made from non-GMO materials, and MSM, an organic sulfur source extracted from plants. One of the challenges with vitamin C serums is the delivery of it's nutrients deep into the skin. Most serums only deliver a small amount into the dermis (where structural collagen is actively formed). Our serums uses a variety of natural terpenes (found in essential oils) as penetration enhancers. These compounds help shuttle nutrients deep and efficiently into the skin. Other important ingredients are ferulic & hyaluronic acid. These compounds help improve antioxidant and moisture retention qualities of the skin along with many other beneficial effects. Our Botanical-C Serum has a very pleasant scent that is derived from the blend of 13 essential oils. Oils that have been known & used for centuries for their many beneficial effects, particularly focused on the skin. Some of these oils include frankincense, helichrysum, neroli, and roman chamomile. Each oil contains a multitude of compounds that work in a balanced and harmonious and concerted way to support the skin. Lastly, we use true colloidal gold and silver. Colloidal silver & gold are actually small clusters, approximately 30 atoms, of silver and gold metal suspended in the formula. Each drop of the serum contain trillions of gold & silver particles. These materials are extremely safe and invaluable in their ability to normalize skin bacteria and promote well-structured connective tissue. They are easily absorbed into the skin and do not bio-accumulate.

With a high level of expertise in chemistry and several decades of experience in high-quality chemical manufacturing, Silver Botanicals directly manufactures and oversees the quality control of its manufacturing of Botanical-C serum, from receiving of our ingredients to final packaging. We never outsource our manufacturing process and produce our serum in small batches. Once produced, our inventory is stored in refrigerated conditions until shipped. Silver Botanicals offer our serum in 1 oz. bottles with treatment pump or in 1/4 oz. vials with glass droppers. All containers are made of green glass to maximize shelf life. Currently, we have a 8-month shelf-life for our Botanical-C Serum.

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