Silver Botanicals Adopts OpenERP

Imagine tying all your daily business functions together into a single software suite. This includes sales, purchases, manufacturing, warehousing, plus much more fully integrated with your financial accounting. This is what an ERP system offers; the term stands for Enterprise Resource and Planning.

As of January 1st, 2013, Silver Botanicals officially adopted OpenERP to manage daily business functions and accounting. We are excited to announce the completion of the implementation phase, and the beginning of production use. The meaning to Silver Botanicals is greater production efficiency, greater precision, greater quality and enhanced scalability for growth.

Why OpenERP

OpenERP is an open source software project. The programming language it written upon is Python, which itself is an open source project. OpenERP runs upon PostgreSQL (database service), another open source project. Furthermore, OpenERP runs upon the Linux operating system, another very renown open source project. In short, OpenERP is built upon very robust, very mature and very well supported open source software offerings. Moreover, OpenERP has a lot of energy and community activity surrounding it. We believe it's code will survive for a very long time.

Why Open Source

In brief, open source software assures some very important things to us in our operation.

  • license unencumbered - free to use, own and modify
  • Monopoly-proof - decentralized control of the code base
  • Low cost to implement - zero cost to obtain, try out and use
  • Flexibility & Survive-ability - indefinite lifetime and ability to adapt
  • Repeat-ability - easy to reproduce, dispose of, export and migrate
  • Open source code - not a mysterious black-box
  • Diversity - contributed to by programmers from all over the world
  • Powerful - in it's offered abilities and it's ability to empower users

A Special Thanks to OpenERP Inc.

We want to thank OpenERP S.A. for kick starting our implementation and responding to our needs. We appreciate their hard work and look forward to their continued innovations.

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